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August 10: 5:00 – 3rd grade; 6:15 – 2nd grade

August 11: 5:00 – 5th grade; 6:15 – 4th grade

August 12: 5:00 – 1st grade; 6:15 – Kindergarten

August 13th - First day of school for students





Bear Wear Fridays - 2014-2015

The following t-shirts (with jeans – shorts, pants, skirts, etc.) are the only approved t-shirts for Fridays until further notice. These t-shirts may be worn with blue jeans (long or short), blue jean skirts, or uniform bottoms. (No athletic shorts are allowed on any day.)

1.  Green field trip t-shirt

2.  2013-2014 red “Food Network” t-shirt

3.  2013 heather blue Fall Festival t-shirt

4.  BEAR “Dr. Seuss” t-shirt

5.  2014-2015 lime green BSI t-shirt

6.  2014 orange tye-dyed Fall Festival t-shirt



We will ensure a safe, caring environment where students are engaged in learning and are inspired to achieve to their fullest potential.


Bear is a place where every student is motivated to become a creative and critical thinker and to develop a strong foundation for lifelong learning.



For Bear Exploration Center’s staff to be successful in this mission, we believe that: 

·  Every individual has a right to a quality education;

·  Every individual can learn and deserves to be educated to the best of his or her  ability;

· Every individual deserves to work and learn in a safe, clean, supportive, moral, and stimulating environment; 

·  Every individual is unique, worthy, and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect;

·  Every individual can be a lifelong learner who not only knows but knows how to find out;

·  Every individual needs to be held accountable for his or her own actions;

·  Every individual needs developmentally appropriate learning activities and challenging expectations at all levels to increase performance; 

·  Every individual needs to be a creative and critical thinker; and 

·  Educators, parents, students, and the community share the responsibility for the support of the school’s mission.